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Upcoming AMA: Tezos and FA1.2 Tokens featuring Clove Crypto and StakerDAO

Feel free to post your questions for Clove Crypto and StakerDAO in this thread and also join us LIVE on May 21st at 6pm EST.

Blog: The Black Swan and Blockchain

A story about the 1000 mile return to Coronavirus infested Boston

Update: Ideaship Invests in Clove to Drive the Next Wave of Blockchain Adoption

Clove Inc. received a seed investment from Ideaship, a patent-leveraged VC firm that provides patent development support for early-stage startups.

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Clove Labs is a Blockchain R&D company that is advancing innovation in the wallet space. We believe there is great potential in Tezos — with respect to both technology and the people. We bring decades of experience in developing software to support the Tezos protocol and ecosystem to reach its full potential.

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