Email Tezos


With just your browser, you can request your own, email address-specific, cryptocurrency wallet at Once requested, a personalized link to create and access your wallet will be sent to your inbox. Click through to create your own non-custodial Tezos wallet with whatever secret password you want. Just like that you are ready to receive, send, delegate, use and play games with Tezzies and FA1.2 assets. Why do we call this wallet emailTezos? Because once onboarded, you can send Tezos to friends, family and communities using THEIR email addresses, whether they have been previously onboarded or not. Utilizing the power of Tezos or sharing that power with others has never been easier.

The Wallet :

  • Requires no download or hardware
  • Includes ready-to-use Blockchain Accounts
  • Connects to Decentralized Apps and Exchanges
  • Disburse crypto asset in bulk to one or more emailTezos wallets

Get started at

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